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Perhaps vaginal discharge seems like a sensitive subject, know however that all women have it. Some have it every day while others have it a few times a week. Variations in frequency from one woman to another is normal and shouldn’t be worrisome if you address the topic with your girlfriends.

So what’s expected down there?

Vaginal discharge is fluid, normally white or transparent. Once dried on your panties it will appear white. The texture and colour of the cervical mucus, the mucus at the lower end of the uterus, changes throughout the different phases of your menstrual cycle because of hormone fluctuation.

The vagina is a complex flora composed of a community of microorganisms living in a mutualistic relationship with its host. Normally present in large quantities are the Lactobacilli bacteria which make the environment acid because of the lactic acid they produce2. The hormonal fluctuations affect the acidity levels and also the vaginal secretions. Thus, it’s typical to have thicker, more abundant, whiter secretions at different times. Various factors may influence your vaginal discharge:

  • Ovulation

  • Stress

  • Contraceptive pills

  • Diet

  • Pregnancy

Generally speaking, discharge indicates whether your vagina is healthy or not. So if it changes colour, smells, if you’re feeling swollen or itchy, consult a medical expert.

Pop quiz

Ladies have 2 self-cleaning organs, can you guess which ones? The vagina is one which you’ve probably guessed right, considering the topic of the article, but what about the other? If your answer was the eyes, then you were spot on! Eyes clean themselves everytime we blink thanks to the tears we produce. The average human blinks between 15 to 20 times per minute, which means eyes are shut approximately 10% of our waking hours! Image how clean our eyes are!


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