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Privacy policy

Collection of private information

Nicar Laboratories only collects information necessary to process orders placed by users on the website. As such, Nicar Laboratories requires that you transmit your first and last names, your email address, your full address, your telephone number, address of delivery, and your credit card number, where appropriate. Nicar Laboratories may also collect other, non-mandatory information.

Use of private information

Nicar Laboratories intends to use the private information gathered only to open an account under your name, process your order, deploy delivery of your order and, if you permit, to periodically send you personalized information regarding our website and products. Your personal information is only available to our employees when such knowledge is necessary to fulfilling the job duties required to complete the above order process.

Nicar Laboratories neither commercializes nor communicates the list of people using the website.

Transmitting private information

Within the framework of processing an order, Nicar Laboratories must communicate certain private information to different branches so that they can complete and deliver your order. The information shared is: your name, your delivery address, and your telephone number.

By using the website, you allow Nicar Laboratories to communicate this information to their employees. Nicar Laboratories also reserves the right to transmit private information in a situation where obliged by law or to protect its interests or that of its users or suppliers.

Security measures

Nicar Laboratories has implanted security measures designed to ensure full protection against loss or unauthorized use of the information you provide to Nicar Laboratories, especially information related to your credit card.

Nicar Laboratories servers utilize Secure Socket Layers (SSL), the most up-to-date and secure transmission technology available. All private data is encrypted by the SSL the moment it is entered, making it impossible to read during transfer to the Internet.

While selecting your items and placing your order, you are able to verify whether the webpage is secure by checking to see if the URL web address starts with https:// and that there is the icon of a lock in the bottom right of your navigation screen.

Conserving private information

Nicar Laboratories conserves private information in conformity with the laws concerning protection of personal information.

Of note, once your order has been processed and the transaction completed, all credit card information ceases to exist on our servers.


A cookie is a small text file left on your hard drive by some web pages. Cookies are unobtrusive and cannot read or extract any information from your computer. Nicar Laboratories utilizes cookies to preserve your active navigation session for a pre-established time period. This technology does not systematically gather personal data on you for Nicar Laboratories. You can always choose to disallow cookies by modifying the configuration of your computer

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